Multi-Dimensional Health Monitoring

Kenzen is leveraging the latest research and innovations from the biomedical and aerospace industries, including:


Mesh Networks
Create an invisible field of health and fitness data by syncing Kenzen devices. We enable athletes and teams to cross-correlate vitals, activity, 3D motion and performance.

Biochemical Sensors
Our electronically sensors comfortably flex with your body and detect numerous biomarkers – all from a single bead of sweat. 


Space Grade
Originally developed for the European Space Agency, Kenzen sensors are tested in environments of extreme temperature, altitude and pressure. 

Low Energy Wireless
Bluetooth LE keeps our devices running for weeks at a time. Sync easily with your iOS or Android device, without cables or wrist bands.


With their low profiles, yet large sensor arrays, Kenzen products pack a big punch. We leverage the latest in mini-tech to deliver amazing functionality at a fraction of the size.

Your Body, Your Data
Private and secure, your data is yours to keep. We present meaningful and relevant insights in real-time via our mobile app, and our API allows developers to create wildly new experiences. 



Our panel approach to measurement accuracy

There are multiple ways of reaching a measurement, but an accelerometer alone won’t cut it. We believe using more inputs is always better, and our panel approach combines multiple sensor signals and technologies to provide a higher level of reporting accuracy. All of our sensors have been validated against known standards, both internally and by various clinics and universities.