We believe sweat holds the future to health monitoring.  

Everyone sweats

Readily available during exercise and activity, sweat is an essential function of a healthy body. And at its core, sweating helps to regulate your body temperature. Until recently, sweat analysis wasn’t a standard testing procedure–it’s challenging to collect. However, continued miniaturization and improvement of sensing technologies have since made it a viable option.  

Biomarkers in sweat

Beyond water, sweat holds a wealth of information that can be indicative of varying states of individual health. Numerous biomarkers, such as sodium, glucose and proteins. are found therein. Kenzen’s technology allows molecules like these to be collected and measured non-invasively using our proprietary sensors. With just a small sample, you'll be able to know if your ion levels are too low, or if your body is properly hydrated.

But how much sweat?

Some of us sweat more than others. Regardless of your sweat rate and volume, our sensors need only a small volume of "visible sweat" to perform an analysis of key biomarkers. Kenzen uses an easy, pain-free and disposable collection method to acquire the best samples. Although we are initially providing solutions for high-exertion situations, our platform is maturing to acquire minimal sweat in any setting.