Caring for your Kenzen Patch

How do I attach the adhesive patch to the monitor?

First, see below to determine whether you have a “G-patch” or an “S-patch”. Next, use the included videos for instructions.

What do the different blinking light patterns indicate on the Kenzen Patch?

  • Green (blinks every 4 seconds) = ON, disconnected

  • Blue (blinks every 4 seconds) = ON, connected to mobile app via bluetooth

  • Red (blinks every 4 seconds) = Low battery

  • Red/Green alternate blinking = debug mode

  • Multi color blink (blue, green, red, yellow) = system reset

What if my Kenzen Patch is unresponsive?

  1. Plug the Monitor into USB power.

  2. Hold the power button for about 10 s. It should bring the Monitor into "debug" mode, indicated by the red-green blinking pattern. Release the power button.

  3. Hold the power button for 4 s until the Monitor vibrates briefly. This switches the Monitor off again. Release the power button. If the power button is held too long, the monitor might enter debug mode again. In that case, just re-try.

  4. Quick press the power button and the Monitor should switch on again in normal mode.

  5. Verify the LED light status pattern indicates low battery. If it appears you need to charge the patch, ensure you have turned the monitor ON while it is plugged in.

How often do I need to replace the adhesive patch layer?

Disposable adhesives are single-use. Replace the adhesive every time you shower or bathe, or within 48 hours. The adhesive can be peeled gently from your skin, and then removed from the electronic module. Kenzen Patch can also be suspended against the body using a compression sleeve. Contact your Kenzen Customer Support representative for more information.

Is Kenzen Patch waterproof?

No, but numerous user studies have confirmed Kenzen’s reliability in high sweat scenarios. Do not submerge Kenzen Patch, and do not wear it in the shower, bath or while swimming.

What is the expected lifetime of Kenzen Patch?

The rechargeable monitor is designed to last two years, and ships with a one year manufacturer's warranty. Disposable adhesives can be stored in a cool dark place for 30 days.

Do I need to clean Kenzen Patch?

The electronic module of the Kenzen Patch can be cleaned using a damp soft cloth, or with a gentle baby wipe. The Kenzen Patch cannot be submerged under water or used with any soaps or disinfectants. For adhesive residue, use alcohol wipe to remove.

Charging the Battery

What is the battery life of Kenzen Patch?

The Kenzen Patch runs continuously for about 30 hours.

Can I use a portable charger / external power supply with Kenzen Patch like I do for my mobile phone?

Yes. You can use your regular phone charger or any USB port. The Kenzen device requires a micro-USB charging cable.

How do I charge Kenzen Patch?

Kenzen Patch can be charged with the same micro-USB cable used with many of today’s electronic devices. Ensure the monitor is ON (LED lights flashing) when charging, and plug the micro-USB cable into the port on the side of Kenzen Patch. The other end of the USB cable can be connected to a wall USB power adapter or other powered USB port.

If you are charging the Kenzen Patch after wearing it, first turn the patch OFF as you are removing it from your body to end the current session. Then, turn Patch back ON again and plug it in to charge.

Fully charging the Kenzen Patch takes about 1 hour.

Can Kenzen Patch be recharged wirelessly?

No. Please use a micro-USB cable to recharge Kenzen Patch. It typically takes about 30 minutes to recharge completely.

Is a replacement battery needed?

The monitor contains an internal rechargeable battery that cannot be replaced. If you are experiencing power-related issues with your device, please contact your Kenzen Customer Support representative.


What is the maximum amount of data storage on Kenzen Patch?

Kenzen Patch can store nearly 256MB, about 3 days of data in its internal flash storage.

Will my data become lost if my Kenzen Patch loses bluetooth connection to my mobile phone, or if my phone loses cellular service?

If there is a connection loss, your data will be temporarily stored locally to the monitor. It will automatically be streamed again when reconnection occurs.

How much network data (cellular, wifi) does the Kenzen Mobile App consume?

Kenzen Patch acquires raw data at roughly 1MB per hour, or 8-10MB per workday. Most entry-level cellular data plans (1GB/month) will be sufficient to support the Kenzen Mobile experience.

Business Inquiries

Can the Kenzen Patch be purchased for individual / consumer use?

The Kenzen Patch is currently available for enterprise and clinical research customers only. You are welcome to Reserve Yours Now at the bottom of our Kenzen Patch page.

Do you offer discounts for an enterprise deployment?

Please contact your Kenzen Customer Support representative for more information on special volume pricing.


Other Questions

Can Kenzen Patch detect alcohol or other substances?

No. For industrial applications, the Kenzen Patch is unable to detect alcohol or other substances. The Kenzen monitor has only been designed to maximize users' health and safety by measuring physiological indicators like body temperature and heart rate.

Does Kenzen Patch work if I have a tattoo?

Like many other optical heart rate monitors, Kenzen Patch will not perform properly when positioned over tattooed skin. Please reposition the device to an area free from tattoos, scars or heavy hair coverage, where bare skin is fully exposed. Kenzen Patch can be positioned on the outer upper arm (bicep / tricep area), or on the torso over the rib or pectoral muscle.

Does Kenzen Patch work with all skin tones?

Yes, the Kenzen heart rate module has been validated across the Fitzpatrick scale, which measures skin tone from very pale to very dark.

Other questions?

Please send any other questions or inquiries to