Kenzen Predictive Workplace Safety


Keeping Workers Healthy & Safe

Comprehensive health monitoring at the worksite has arrived. Kenzen uses real-time biosensor data and predictive models to detect heat-related health events–before they occur.

Kenzen Predictive Workplace Safety includes a Kenzen Patch for each worker, and four continuous health insights: hydration estimates, heart rate, core body temperature and active time.

Health data is streamed via the Kenzen mobile app. Once heat-related risk thresholds are met, alerts are sent to workers and safety personnel for follow-up. Additional reporting and alerts can be configured per client request.

This solution is ideal for industrial customers employing workers in high-risk or extreme environments.



Outfit your workers with:

  • Kenzen Patch  
  • Worker mobile app
  • Supervisor Live Dashboard
  • Custom alerts & notifications
  • API access for system integration