Get Ahead of Heat-Related Injuries

Kenzen Patch™ is a small, flexible device that helps you better understand your physiology, Worn during the work shift, receive personalized health insights and notifications to help you stay safe in the most strenuous scenarios.


Disposable Patch

The Kenzen Monitor can be worn in two locations: the torso (over the heart), or the upper arm. Developed through an ongoing partnership with Gore, the device has been designed for all-day wear. Simply peel, adhere, and begin monitoring.

Kenzen Monitor

Kenzen solutions are based on groundbreaking technology developed for aerospace and medical research in Switzerland. By combining various sensor technologies and algorithms, get real time feedback on your performance, motion and vitals.

Kenzen Patch can be worn in two locations: on the ribcage (near the heart), or on the upper arm.

Kenzen Patch can be worn in two locations: on the ribcage (near the heart), or on the upper arm.


Personal Monitoring for Health & Safety

The award-winning Kenzen Patch combines unique biosensors and predictive models to keep workers safe.


Kenzen Mobile App

Intended for workers and technicians, get real-time health and safety information to ensure you’re performing at your best. The Kenzen Mobile App provides the most important insights using at-a-glance reports. In development now for iOS® and Android®.   

  • Real-time reporting of Heart Rate, Sweat Rate, Body Temperature and Activity

  • View personal trends and historic reports

  • Real-time alerts with OSHA-based follow-up recommendations

  • Add flags to capture important health events


Kenzen Team Dashboard

Manage all your team members at once with at-a-glance risk assessment tools. Intended for supervisors, safety personnel and remote medical staff.

  • Sort team members by highest risk

  • Web-based dashboard, accessible anywhere

  • Enterprise solution to ensure strict privacy
    of user health information


Kenzen Safety Intelligence

Intended for innovation and business leads for the analysis your organization’s risk using a unique set of a reporting tools.

  • View breakdown safety reports based on Alerts, Actions Taken and Flags captured

  • Filter by job site, location and more

  • Data is aggregated and anonymized; no individual health information is exposed


In the news


Designed for at-risk individuals

We've identified some great applications for Kenzen Patch, but we're certain there's room for many more!


Injury Prevention


Health & Wellness


Seniors & At-Risk


Kenzen Patch is available in limited release

In the box

The Kenzen Patch system includes:

  • Kenzen Monitor

  • Disposable adhesive patches

  • USB charging cable

  • Kenzen Mobile App (via private invite)

  • Optional arm band


As of January 2019, we are currently field-testing our technology with industrial customers in the field of construction, renewable energy, power, mining, manufacturing and oil & gas. We have identified some great clinical partners to help bring Patch to market in healthcare. Check back soon for product availability. 


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