Get Ahead of Injuries & Avoidable Health Conditions


The award-winning Kenzen Patch combines the depth of lab-based diagnostics with the convenience of real-time information from a wearable device to improve health and safety.


Vital Signs


Sweat Analysis






Personal Monitoring for Health & Safety 

Kenzen Patch™ is a small, flexible device that helps you better understand your physiology, Quietly measuring around the clock, receive personalized health insights and notifications to help improve performance, recovery and prevent injury.


Kenzen Patch™

Kenzen Patch is based on groundbreaking technology developed for aerospace and medical research in Switzerland. By combining various sensor technologies and algorithms, Patch provides real time feedback on performance, motion and vitals.

Disposable Patch Sensors

Patch's sensors analyze critical biomarkers, like sodium and potassium, all from a single bead of sweat. Individually sealed sensors are flexible, comfortable, and ready when you need them. Simply connect, peel, and begin monitoring.


The next level with biomarker analysis 

Get the performance reports pro athletes use, without the treadmill and blood tests

Everyone sweats – it's an essential function of a healthy body. And some of us sweat more than others. Regardless of your sweat rate and volume, Patch only needs the smallest micro-bead to perform an analysis of key biomarkers.. Beyond water, this concentration includes electrolytes like sodium, metabolites, glucose, various molecules and proteins. Using the flexible Kenzen Patch, a pain-free, comprehensive analysis is performed to help you better understand your health, in any situation.





Kenzen Mobile App

How are you doing? Unlike other fitness trackers that tell you what you've already done, Kenzen focuses on revealing your current state of performance and health. Our mobile app gives you the most important insights using at-a-glance reports. In development now for iOS® and Android® with plans for API integration with other hardware devices.   

  • Learn your limits and monitor levels 
  • Personalize alerts & notifications 
  • Unlock future custom reporting & functionality  
  • Wirelessly sync multiple devices
  • Export your data to other fitness apps

Ditch the wrist 

Does your activity tracker count steps while you’re sitting still? Simple wrist-worn accelerometers don’t know the difference between walking and browsing the web! Patch disappears under your clothing by adhering directly to your torso. This location is known for highly accurate and reliable analysis of vital signs and sweat. Plus, our digital signal processor detects true body motion, not sips of tea!




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How will you use Kenzen Patch?

We've identified some great applications for the Kenzen Patch, but we're certain there's room for many more!


Injury Prevention


Health & Wellness


At-Risk Individuals

"Most people are unaware of the effect of changing conditions on hydration, and of the effect of hydration on performance. At altitudes above 6000 feet, individuals exhale and perspire approximately twice as much water as at sea level."

 Dr. Michael C. Willis, MD


Kenzen Patch is currently in development

In the box

The Kenzen Patch system includes:

  • Kenzen Patch 
  • Kenzen Patch Sensor pack(s), 20-count 
  • Kenzen USB charging cable
  • Kenzen mobile app (coming soon to your app store)
  • Additional patch sensors sold separately


As of January 2018, product development continues, and we are currently field-testing initial prototypes. We have identified some critical manufacturers helping to bring Patch to market. Check back soon for product availability. 



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