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5. Can Patch be used for entire teams? 
Yes. We are developing a team package that will include a number of Patches, and a special tablet / desktop application to view player measurements in real time. If you represent a professional, semi-professional, or university sports team, we'd love to hear from you. Alternately, if you oversee a team of employees who work in hazardous environments or conditions, get on our list. Go to Team Pilot sign-up form »

6. Can Patch be used to manage a disease or condition?
Although it may provide unique measurements and insights, Kenzen Patch is NOT a medical device. You should NOT use or rely upon Kenzen Patch to manage a disease or condition without first consulting with your physician. 



1. Where can I buy Kenzen Patch?
Patch is in development now, and is not yet available for sale. We will be selling online, through distributors, and in select retail locations. 

2. How can I join the Kenzen Beta program to test Patch?
Please check back with us, we will be rolling out our Beta program in the coming months. 

3. Can I wear Patch while swimming?
Not yet. The current design makes Patch only water-resistant. We are working with manufacturers now to determine how the device can improved for underwater use.   

4. Can I become a Kenzen reseller or distributor? 
Please complete our Distributor Sign Up Form. We will be identifying a small number of key distributors and resellers in advance of our product launch. 

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