Sofia Fund Invests in Kenzen

September 5, 2018 (Minneapolis) – Sofia Fund, a leading angel investment group focused on high-growth, women-led early stage companies, today announced its most recent investment in Kenzen, a San Francisco-based health analytics platform focused on predicting and preventing avoidable health conditions. Kenzen is the maker of Kenzen Patch™, a wearable vital sign and sweat-analysis system that continuously monitors parameters needed to detect heat-related injuries in workers and at-risk individuals.

The Sofia Fund investment brings Kenzen’s total amount raised to $7 million, which will be used for product enhancements and acceleration of market adoption of the Kenzen Predictive Workforce Solution. The Kenzen platform uses real-time biosensor data and predictive models to detect heat-related health events before they occur. Patches on workers monitor sweat rate, heart rate, body temperature and active time in high-risk and extreme environments. The solution is currently gaining substantial traction globally with paid pilot projects in the U.S., the Middle East and Japan.

“Kenzen is exactly the type of company Sofia Fund looks for – a company of women founders and leaders in science and tech who create products that truly have an impact in the marketplace,” said Joy Lindsay, Sofia Fund partner. “Kenzen technology is at the intersection of Internet of Things (IOT) wearables, sensors and data analytics, all areas of great promise for product innovation. With the diversity and solid structure of its leadership team, we believe Kenzen is set for up for success in this exciting space.”

Kenzen is the second company Sofia Fund has added to its portfolio this year. Sofia Fund also invested in Joylux, a femtech company that creates innovative health solutions targeting the enormous but underserved female intimate care market. Sofia Fund has also made follow-on investments in two of its existing portfolio companies.

“An infusion from an investor like Sofia Fund is particularly meaningful to our team,” said Jim McDonnell, who became CEO of Kenzen after the passing of co-founder Dr. Sonia Sousa. “Sonia always recognized the power of diverse teams to propel businesses to success. Like the partners at Sofia Fund, she was an inspiration to many women founders and entrepreneurs”.

About Kenzen

Kenzen is an innovator in personal health monitoring and predictive analytics designed to empower its users in the field of precision health and safety. With real-time sweat biomarker analysis, the award-winning Kenzen Patch continuously measures sweat, vital signs and a key set of biometrics. Kenzen helps companies, teams and individuals to reduce injuries, optimize their health, and prevent against adverse health conditions by delivering highly personalized insights and notifications. Learn more at

About Sofia Fund

Sofia Fund invests in and grows exceptional women-led companies to maximize returns for investors by bringing its portfolio companies successfully to profitable exits. Sofia Fund uses a rigorous process for selecting and investing in high-growth, technology-driven opportunities. Its team of professional women angel investors actively manages and supports its portfolio businesses, leveraging deep expertise and broad networks to help women entrepreneurs achieve success. Its investment team has invested more than $10 million in 50 companies to date. For more information about what makes a business fundable, see For more information about Sofia Fund, visit

This release originally appeared on the Sofia Fund website.

Kenzen Wins Big at CES Asia 2018

Live from Shanghai this Week

As mentioned earlier this month, we were thrilled to be named an Honoree for the 2018 CES Asia Innovation Awards. The CES Asia Innovation Awards celebrates outstanding product design and engineering in brand-new consumer technology products from CES Asia exhibitors.

After this exciting announcement, Technode named Kenzen Best Health Startup as part of the CES Asia Startup Awards. Key quotes from the Technode article below:

"The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) announced today that CES Asia 2018 Startup Park will boast the largest exhibition since its inception, with more than 100 of the most innovative exhibitors from across the world expected to showcase their latest technology. To honor those with the greatest potentials to lead future investment and technology development trends, TechNode will present a new awards program, CES Asia Startups Awards."

"We are thrilled to have TechNode producing the CES Asia Startup Awards highlighting some of the most anticipated innovations across the technology industry,” said John T. Kelley, senior director, international programs and show director, CES Asia. “Startup Park attendees will experience the next generation of breakthrough technologies drawing some of the world’s best and brightest startup communities, and even possibly witness the birth of the next ‘Unicorn!’”

"CES Asia Startup Awards will showcase startups with breakthrough technology, and discover the true force of innovation from China and around the world,” the Founder & CEO of TechNode, Dr. Lu Gang, noted."

A Very Big Thank You to Swissnex China

We are here at CES together with Swissnex China. Swissnex China "acts as a platform to foster the exchanges among creative thinkers between Switzerland and China".

We are stationed in the CES Asia 2018 Startup Park, which boasts "the largest exhibition since its inception, with more than 100 of the most innovative exhibitors from across the world expected to showcase their latest technology." We are located at the SNIEC Hall N4.

Read More:

A Dedication to Our Co-Founder


To all friends and partners of Kenzen

I have some very sad news to share. My co-founder and business partner, Dr. Sonia Sousa, passed away earlier this week. 

Those of us who have been fortunate enough to work closely with Sonia lost a truly remarkable and inspirational friend. Sonia's vision of using technology to improve the health and lives of others will remain the foundation of Kenzen. Our team is now more committed than ever to realizing this vision.

Our hearts and prayers are with her family. If you'd like to pass along any memories, thoughts or condolences, you can send an email to remembersonia [at]

No words can adequately express our sadness at Sonia’s passing. We will remember her passion, energy and enthusiasm, and honor her memory by continuing the work she loved so much.

Steve Pecko
Co-Founder, Kenzen 


Kenzen is having an impact at SXSW in Austin

Kenzen is excited to be present at one of the most important events promoting innovation, art and social change, SXSW 2017. 

We will be lending our expert voices to important discussions on women’s health and retail innovation driven by smart wearables. The Kenzen ECHO™ Smart Patch and diagnostic system continuously monitors, predicts and prevents avoidable health conditions using non-invasive sweat analysis.



SXSW Show Highlights  

SXSW Exhibition

Sunday, March 12th through Wednesday March 15th.

Kenzen is showcasing our smart wearable patch with our partner and investor Flextronics, “Flex,” at booth 944/6, located at the Austin Convention Center.

Panel: Women Revolutionizing Digital Health + Precision Medicine for Women 

Sunday March 12th at 10:00am: 

Women are often overlooked in traditional healthcare studies and clinical trials.  Now, new approaches, technologies, and companies focused on health and wellness are at the forefront of digital innovation and women are leading the charge. This is about women creating the next wave of products and services that will be the next big things--from wearables that monitor hydration to sun protection from cancer to live a well-balanced life. Kenzen’s CEO, Dr. Sonia Sousa, is joining Kenzen advisor, Dr. Aenor Sawyer, associate director for the UCSF Center for Digital Healthcare, to discuss their ideas that benefit women’s health.

Retail Innovation Brunch  

Monday, March 13th: at 11:30am

This event focused on what’s in store for the future of retail, highlighting the coolest tech on the horizon, namely smart wearables. Co-hosts include Heidi Lehmann, Chief Commercial Officer for Kenzen, Veronika Sonsev, Partner with Chameleon Collective, and Paul Lewis, CMO for Valtech.


10 Ways to Put Wearables to Work

Kenzen was started to help people avoid preventable injuries and health complications. We intended to collect and analyze the best physiological signals we could find, preferably from today’s most popular devices. But in looking closer, we quickly realized the need for something different. The right signals weren't there, the methods were flawed, accuracy poor, and everyone's wearables were left, well, unworn. No bueno.

This got us thinking: what would the ideal solution look like, and what must be absolutely required of these next-generation devices? Further, how might the personal health monitoring experience be elevated? To crystallize our perspective, Kenzen is proud to present the following top 10 list:

#10. Combine multiple sensors

It’s time to move beyond single-function devices. Step tracking is just one component of your day, but hardly an indicator of proper health. Let’s combine multiple signals, and reveal a broader, more complete picture.  

#9. New materials

The smooth feel of the Apple Watch band is truly remarkable. We believe advances in smart textiles and flexible substrates will lead to never-before-seen form factors that are comfortable and non-intrusive.

#8. Reports tailored to your lifestyle

Canned reports and the “one-size-fits-all” fitness approach just doesn’t work anymore. Only by giving users control over the reports they want presented can health monitoring become truly personalized.    

#7. Take privacy seriously

With all the health information being collected these days, the right security measures must be in place. Users must be ensured their personal data is properly encrypted, and out of harm’s way.

#6. Open data access

Some manufacturers have imposed monthly fees on users to gain access to their own data. That’s right: their own data. If your customer makes the choice to wear your device, we believe they have the right to the raw data being collected.

#5. Better predictions

With cutting-edge technology, and more sensors in place, time must be spent to develop advanced algorithms and predictive models. Users need actionable feedback and insights to better their health.

#4. More affordable

When new wearables are released, customers are often forced to discard their hardware to secure the latest model – sometimes for only one new feature. We should instead be looking at free firmware updates, printed technology and disposable sensors to enhance the gear users already own.

#3. Last longer

We demand better battery life. A mobile phone is one thing, but asking users to recharge their wearable devices daily is asking far too much – and one of the leading reasons people abandon use after just a few months.

#2. Better accuracy

Ask your doctor if s/he trusts the heart rate monitor in your smartwatch. For personal health monitoring to be reliable, it needs to be clinically validated against laboratory standards. No excuses.

#1. Leave the wrist behind

Don’t get us wrong: the wrist is a fantastic location to present information to users. Unfortunately, it’s not the best place to take a reliable measurement. New locations on the body should be considered, including areas more closely aligned with the axis of the heart. We’re thinking torso, ear, and legs, to start.



Take a look at the device you’re wearing, or think about the dusty one in your desk drawer. Is it “good enough” from a health monitoring perspective, or is your device falling short? Have you given up on wearables, or do you have your own vision for what will be coming next? Whatever it may be, we at Kenzen are confident a better solution is just around the corner.